Tuesday, April 8, 2008

JC's Show Notes...

Idol Gives Back a Preview of things to come on Wednesday night:

Most of Idol Gives Back was taped on Sunday, so quite a few details have leaked out about what we can expect. According to published reports:

FERGIE performs her current single, "Finally," teams up with HEART to perform their classic song "Barracuda," and then does cartwheels!

MARIAH CAREY sings "Fly Like A Bird" -- with RANDY JACKSON playing bass!

BRAD PITT introduces a film clip of CHRIS DAUGHTRY's visit to Uganda.

-SNOOP DOGG performs a new song, "Can't Say Goodbye," with CHARLIE WILSON.

RYAN SEACREST was actually so moved by the show he donated his paycheck that night to Idol Gives Back.

I’m thinking he was moved by the Snoop Dogg performance!

No Wonder I am Always Sleepy!

According to Reuters London:

“Britons like a dose of rock band Coldplay to help them fall asleep, a survey has found.
The band, whose frontman Chris Martin says he avoids caffeine and alcohol and is known for a lifestyle that is anything but rock ’n roll, came top in a poll of music choices to help you nod off.
Other artists chosen for their slumber-inducing qualities were James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That and Norah Jones.
But those who prefer to get tucked in with a book last thing at night judged celebrity autobiographies as the most effective in sending you to sleep, with the life stories of glamour model Jordan, soccer star David Beckham and Sharon Osbourne coming top.
The Travelodge survey was carried out among 2248 people.”

Large group of soldiers coming back

More than 3,400 soldiers are expected back to Fort Riley this week, after spending 15 months in Iraq. The soldiers are part of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, and are described as a "surge" brigade. The soldiers helped conduct stability and support operations in the Rashid Security District of Southern Baghdad. The group will return with several hundred soldiers at a time over the next few weeks, with ceremonies at building 88312, the Fort Riley Redeployment facility on Custer Hill. During their 15 month tour, the soldiers conducted combat operations that resulted in the capture of more than 200 high-profile targets and reduced 20 enemy cells down to five. 200 civil projects were completed, including the repair of sewer, water, medical, educational, and electrical projects. Welcome home ceremonies will be announced as they are scheduled.

From all of us here at Z96.3-Welcome Back and Thank you so much for your service!

Nominate your soldier for the soldier of the month right now by clicking here.

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