Monday, April 7, 2008

JC's Show Notes...

Here's what I found on the internet and talked about today:

Breaking up is hard to do…unless you text someone!
Idol beauty Carrie Underwood revealed to TV's Extra that her break up with Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford was done via text.
Underwood admitted, "It was completely mutual…We're both fine…We broke up over text so…It's like 'peace out. It just didn't work…And we both knew it didn't work and no hard feelings at all whatsoever."

William Shatner’s Secret to Immortality
"Working is good — it means you're still there! You're still breathing. If I'm working, I can't die."
- Williams Shatner
Somebody stop Shatner now or he will try to make another album!

Jonas Bros in new Disney Channel Movie-Camp Rock

Like Sammy Hagar said, “There’s only one way to rock!” Little did he know he was talking about Summer Camp!

Bret is Not Bald! What?
So Last night Brett removed the bandana on Rock of Love and- surprise to me- he was not bald. He just has a bad weave!

New New Kids on the Block
That’s not redundant is it? That’s really going to sound stupid on the radio- Check this new song out from the new kids-it’s called “Click-Click”

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