Monday, November 26, 2007

The Kinsey Cd Out Now!

Check out the brand new Kinsey CD...Kidd tell's you a little more about it:

"JC and I were meeting before a concert and he brought Kinsey, who I had met but not really talked to. Just as I sat down, the waiter brought Kinsey her tortilla soup in a cavernous bowl. She rolled her eyes at JC (a comment on the portion size) and dipped her spoon in and took her first sip. She then put the spoon down and declared for the table, "I'm So...Full." I thought she was making a joke. She wasn't. When the nachos arrived, Kinsey turned to her boyfriend and said the phrase that is now famous: "JC, WHAT THE HELL?" Since then, conversations with Kinsey have given me some of the show's best material! Now JC and Kinsey are in therapy, working out their many issues and in the process, re-live some of their more, umm, memorable moments. Will the couple fix their problems just like everyone on Kinsey's fave show the OC? Will JC learn why he's "so stupid"? Will Kinsey EVER have babies with him? Hey, quit being so nosey buy the CD and find out!"

Buy the CD here now!

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