Monday, November 5, 2007

Blue October and Shiny Toy Guns in studio!

Last friday was one of the best Kidd Kraddick shows ever...We had Blue October and the Shiny Toy Guns performing live in the studio. In case you missed it here are some pics and some performances from the show! Enjoy and don't miss Kidd Kraddick every single day 6am-10am on the Z!

Blue October rockin' the studio!

Big Al and Justin from Blue October!

Taylor and the lead singer of Blue October!

Kidd can't handle rock shows like he used too! Thank goodness Justin from Blue October could walk him out of the studio!

Here's Blue October performing their new single "Calling You"

Here's the Shiny Toy Guns with their song "Le Disko"


CJ said...

Blue October have quickly become my family's favorite band. We own all their CDs and my wife and I have seen them live four times (most recently here in El Paso a little more than a week ago). Thanks for posting the photos and performance for those of us who couldn't experience it live.

CJ said...

Oh, and Calling You isn't a new song. It's been around for years. But, I'm not being critical, just letting you know.

Jake Roberts said...

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